Film and Video Editing

Boost Video has years of experience specialising in editing videos for companies, organisations and various other establishments from across London, the UK and even internationally. We have worked with people from far and wide, all of whom come to us with similar ambitions. They already have a video/film, they just need someone to edit it and add the finishing touches. This is where we come in.

Our Video Editing Services

Video editing is much more than just making sure the background music sounds right or the intro works. Boost Video will take your video and look at the following things:

  • Removing snippets – In raw footage, it can sometimes be difficult to remove content cleanly and professionally. We can remove certain segments from your footage and ensure your production looks, sounds and feels exactly how it should do.
  • Colour correction – If you have messed up the colour, there’s no need to panic. Boost Video can adjust the colouring of your film footage to suit your requirements.
  • Audio correction – The sound of your video is what will really bring it to life and help you to engage with your audience. It’s important that you take into consideration the way your film production sounds from start to finish.
  • Transitions – From the introduction to the end and everything in between, transitions are the things that help us smoothly and seamlessly move from one segment to the next. If you are struggling to move from one scene to the next, we can edit your video professionally to ensure you are satisfied with how everything sits.
Video Editing London

Our video editing service includes much more than the things we have listed above. From storytelling to adding text, motion graphics to special effects, Boost Video can take your film or video production and bring it to life.

Our video editing software includes: Premier, FCP and After Effects. Any artwork, voice over artists, graphics, visual effects, animation to enhance the visual spectacle and/or branding, can be added to your video.

Why do videos need editing?

The honest answer is, they don’t. Some of the best videos and films out there have been created using raw footage that is left untouched. In most cases though, a little bit of work will be needed to make them more effective.

The level of editing required will depend on the purpose of your video. Whether you are hoping to engage with new customers, promote products or services with a promotional video, or you have a story to tell, Boost Video has the video editing team in-house to deal with your requests.

What’s Next

We need to know full details about your video and your plans for its use. Contact us today to talk to us about our video editing service to help you understand what we will do to make it ready for your audience to view.

From here, you will need to send the file(s) to us so we can get to work doing what we do best: creating great sounding, professional videos that our clients can use on a range of platforms.

Please call or email us with your requirements and we will arrange a convenient time for a discussion and draw up a FREE no obligation proposal. Full terms and conditions available on request.

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