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Stunning Aerial Videography

Aerial Camera Work – Drones

Drone camera work is gaining in popularity and is fast becoming a must-have option for videographers.

There are untold uses for aerial footage, for example:

  • tourism boards showing off their stunning locations
  • event organisers wanting to show off what they have achieved
  • surveyors or planning teams reviewing areas of land
  • archaeologists reviewing land for digs

Whatever your need, Boost Video is fully insured and licensed with the Civil Aviation Authority to fly drones in public spaces.

We hold an Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ) with a CAA-approved training centre.Rigorous competence assessments are undertaken within an examination environment and a flight manual and equipment documentation must also be compiled. A staged test flight is also undertaken. Once this is completed and passed paperwork, is sent to the CAA for Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) licence.

Drone Aerial Videography

We have two drones – a DJI Mavic Pro (pictured above) and a DJI Phantom 4. Both shoot in HD and 4K.

Safety is our number one priority, as well as getting you the best footage possible. Filming from the air can give a totally new dimension on your subject and can be extremely powerful.

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Boost Video provide aerial photography and video services throughout the UK and Europe using fixed wing UAV’s. We have a DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 that are capable of filming in full HD and 4K. We provide cost effective and reliable aerial video and photography services across a variety of different industries. Our range of drone services include but not limited to:

  • Corporate Events
  • Site Surveys
  • Event Flyovers
  • Residential & commercial Property Marketing

We’ve been up in the aerial filming a multitude of projects for range of clients. Drones are not just useful for promotional video purposes, they are also frequently used for aerial site surveys as it can give a much needed overview for councils, surveyors, architects and developers to assist in any initial building , or related planning applications.

Filming using a drone gives you that birds eye perspective normally only achieved for those who have been in a light aircraft, or helicopter. Drone footage within in a video can give viewers an element of surprise and adds some high end gloss in terms of added value. For this reason, we often offer to shoot some externals with our drones, as a free extra when ever possible within our video productions.

We have two drones – a DJI Mavic Pro (pictured above) and a DJI Phantom 4. Both shoot in HD and 4K.

Drone Aerial Videography